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NEW RELEASE August 15, 2020

PUSHING LIMITS: Memoir of a Maverick from Soldier to Scholar (paperback), Wise Ink Creative Publishing, August 15, 2020. For Amazon link, click here. Also available in Audiobook format. For additional information, click on the Memoir button.

(Previously published in hardcover as PUSHING LIMITS: From West Point to Berkeley and Beyond. American Mathematical Society (AMS) and Mathematical Association of America (MAA), April 2017).

After Ted's keynote lecture for the European Commission's Conference on Benford's Law in Stresa, Italy, he is interviewed by Latif Nasser for the Netflix series Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything, Episode 4 ("Digits"). Streaming August 2, 2020.

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Ted presents the 2020 Jackson Space Science Award during the online Graduation ceremony of West Point's Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering June 9, 2020.

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Recent Publications

  • On the Oval Shapes of Beach Stones, math arXiv:2008.04155 [cond-mat.soft]. Last revised July 4 (2021). [ARXIV-PDF]
  • Fundamental Errors in Kane and Mertz's Alleged Debunking of Greater Male Variability in Mathematics Performance (with R. Arden), math arXiv:2105.02962 [math.HO]. Last revised June 22 (2021). [ARXIV-PDF]
  • A Note on Over- and Under-Representation Among Populations with Normally-Distributed Traits (with R. Fox), math arXiv:2103.09324 [math.PR]. Last revised March 16 (2021). [ARXIV-PDF]
  • A Widespread Error in the Use of Benford's Law to Detect Election and Other Fraud, math arXiv:2011.13015 [math.PR]. Last revised November 25 (2020). [ARXIV-PDF]
  • PUSHING LIMITS: Memoir of a Maverick from Soldier to Scholar (paperback & coming soon to audiobook), Wise Ink Creative Publishing, August (2020).
  • A Mathematics Paper Goes Down the Memory Hole. In: Panics and Persecutions, C. Lehmann, C. Wright, J. Palmer, J. Kay and T. Young (Eds.) Eyewear Publishing: London (2020).
  • The mathematics of Benford's law: a primer (with A. Berger), Statistical Methods & Applications (2020). [PDF]
  • Modeling the evolution of differences in variability between sexes, Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics (2020). [PDF]
  • Academic Activists Send a Published Paper Down the Memory Hole. Quillette , September 7 (2018). Article containing full list of >500 comments can be found here and supporting documentation can be found here.
  • Slicing Sandwiches, States, and Solar Systems, American Scientist 106(1):42--49(2018). Also re-published in The Best Writing on Mathematics 2019, Princeton University Press (2019).
  • Characterizations of the Bayesian Posterior Distribution in Terms of Self-information and Likelihood Ratios (with M. Dall'Aglio), International Journal of Statistics and Probability 7(1):21-25 (2018). [PDF]